Heather McCann

  “My daughter has always loved to help me bake but my Betty Crocker cake box never got us far! With basic skills taught, she was able to apply her creativity with confidence and tackle exactly what she imagined. From stacking a cake to frosting to fondant creations, she quickly caught on. That first Cake Camp experience left her craving more and she couldn't wait to invite a group of friends to the next one! I stuck around to watch and gained some skills too! We highly recommend this Cake Camp to children of all ages and levels.”  

Julie Williams

  “My girls attended their first Cake Camp well over a year ago and they just keep going back. Julie’s talent for cake decorating, her passion to teach others, and her fun personality make her Cake Camps one memorable experience! I highly recommend trying it for yourself...you won’t be disappointed.”  

Lauren Berkovitz

  “I have participated in the adult Cake Camp as well as my little sister participated in the children's cupcake camp. I truly enjoyed my experiences with Julie and her team at the Cake Camp. She and her team are super helpful and very knowledgeable and attentive. I was impressed with the techniques that I learned through the detailed
instructions and enjoyed the relaxed environment. I had fun meeting new people while learning and creating something that made me very proud (and tasted yummy too). I would certainly enjoy going back to another cake camp experience to learn more about decorating techniques, and I would love to do this with a group of friends, or co workers as a fun bonding experience.”  

Alice Cantwell - Away We Grow Summer Camp

  “I am please to write this recommendation for Cake Camp. Julie presented a cupcake decorating class to Away We Grow Kindercamp this past July. The goal was for each child to learn how to decorate a cupcake with icing and fondant. Each child received four cupcakes, icing, their own decorating stationed and tools. Julie was well prepared and her enthusiasm was contagious. The cupcakes were delicious and the class was so excited to take home their unique creations to share with their families. I will definitely make this an annual event at our summer camp. I highly recommend Julie and her amazing Cake Camp to any school, organization or special event.”  

Vicki Calle

"Cake Camp is sinful in the best way possible!!! The cakes and cupcakes look amazing and taste great as well! 

Julie, the owner, has hosted many cake and cupcake camps for kids as well as adults. My two daughters have enjoyed attending and helping out at these camps. My kids come home with a cake they have created and they are full joy as they describe the techniques, tips and processes they have learned in the camp to create fondant designs for many different themes.  I as well have enjoyed attending a ladies night cake class, where we enjoyed wine as we made and learn techniques to make a definitely delicious and simplistic but elegantly designed cake. 

I would definitely recommend Julie and her business Cake Camp for any cake camps, cupcake camps, and personalized cakes for any occasion."

Emilia Gamez - Lollipop Theatre Network

“As Programming Coordinator at LOLLIPOP Theater Network, I can’t begin to describe the impact Julie Cannon’s Cake Camp has made on the patients, families and staff at the hospitals we closely work with. The Cake Camp brings a tremendous amount of positive energy, enthusiasm and creativity that helps patients escape from their tough times at the hospital. We’ve loved building a strong friendship with the Cake Camp and can’t wait to continue our work together.”